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Welcome to our website. Our vision is all about positively influencing life's financial outcomes. We provide a wealth of experience in an independent, private, consultative firm, at a level of experience often only found in a large, impersonal institutional company. As Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designees, we are invigorated each day, translating industry-leading practices, processes, and techniques into improved probabilities for financial and investment success.

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Work With the Best

Work With the Best

Our more than 50 years of planning and investment asset experience for individuals, married couples, physicians, families, foundations, trusts, and company retirement plans set us apart. Specializing in retirement, financial planning, investment tax, and retirement plans, we are ever attentive to clients' needs and goals. We customize investment portfolios according to unique business, life, and estate goals, using a thoughtful integrated financial planning approach. We allow you to focus your time on yourself, your business, and your family and leave the details of investments to us. You have worked hard for your retirement savings and deserve a licensed financial planner who is also certified for investments after retirement.

David Cyrs, BA, MS, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Certified Retirement Counselor®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

Do You Know How Much Risk Is in Your Portfolio?

Risk Number® technology objectively calculates an investor's true risk tolerance, using a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics. By taking a 5-minute quiz, we will be able to pinpoint and quantify your exact risk tolerance, which will then help you align your current portfolio with your true investment goals and expectations. This is easily the best technology we use in our practice, and it gives our clients an edge in understanding risk.

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2014, 2016-2020 and 2023 Five Star Wealth Manager Award, created by Five Star Professional. The 2023 award was presented in October 2023 based on data gathered within 12 months preceding the issue date. 5,549 Chicago-area advisors were considered, 405 advisors were recognized. Advisors pay a fee to hold out marketing materials. Not indicative of advisor’s future performance. Your experience may vary. For more information, please visit

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