Fee Pyramid

Base investment advisory services include:

  • Review of personal family needs, goals, wants, and beliefs
  • Determination of financial goals and objectives, including time horizon
  • Portfolio design construction and management
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment selection, including institutional and alternative managers
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Discretionary portfolio management, rebalancing, and asset allocation
  • Access to private wealth management vault, Investor360º®

Service comparison

CYRS Wealth Advisors, LLC, offers two levels of services: Investment Advisory and Financial Planning and Wealth Management. The following schedule outlines the services offered with each option.

Our flat retirement income plan rate begins at $795.

The base-level retirement income plan includes the following:

  • Assessing all asset and income sources
  • Estimating the duration of retirement assets
  • Reviewing asset allocation techniques for optimizing successful outcomes
  • Providing customized social security retirement claiming strategy
  • Outlining retirement risks and providing a plan to minimize risk
  • Addressing distribution tax and estate issues
  • Identifying and reviewing options to address retirement income gaps
  • Developing a strategy for converting assets into income distributions and cash flow by year

A la carte services

For clients who may not be investing, advisory, financial planning and wealth management services are available at a rate of $210 per hour.

All planning and/or consulting services are covered under an agreed-upon Wealth Management Consulting Agreement. Please note that while all services listed are available, all services may not be necessary for each client. Services to be rendered will depend on each client's individual needs and circumstances.