Our Fee Approach

CYRS Wealth Advisors, LLC, (CWA) does investment advisory work on a fee basis, as well as financial planning and wealth management.

First-year clients often pay a financial professional a planning, consulting, or retainer fee at the beginning of their engagement. The following considerations apply:

  • The amount depends on the areas of the client's situation needing help from CWA, as well as on net worth.
  • A range for this fee or retainer is provided at the introductory meeting, upon initial review of the client's financial life situation and goals.
  • The consultation fee or first-year's retainer is usually set at the data gathering and/or goal setting meeting when the scope of the effort is agreed upon.
    • A financial plan may be developed for a client and updated thereafter annually, or as necessary, in planning review.
    • A retainer covers ongoing services throughout the year (which includes strategy sessions, implementation meetings, investment reviews/rebalancing).

A planning-only retainer agreement is available upon mutual consent.

  • Optional financial planning-only retainer fees are offered to provide an independent and objective method of compensation.
  • The annual retainer or planning fees for subsequent years can be less than the first year's, since the first year can be more labor-intensive.
  • This amount is a function of the areas of planning. Those clients who have fewer planning issues will have a smaller retainer.
  • In subsequent years, as the planning process stabilizes, only annual reviews may be necessary.

CWA charges asset management fees, as opposed to commissions, to manage client assets.
CWA's asset management fees are consistent with our philosophy of providing clear disclosure and independent advice. Fees are fully disclosed and are agreed upon in advance, prior to any implementation.

Any investment advisory management fee depends upon the level of invested assets a client has with the firm. The fee is based upon a tiered level of assets and preferred portfolio service. It is available for "active managed," "passive index managed," "socially responsible," or "customized dynamic managed" portfolios. Service is defined as portfolio construction design, implementation, monitoring, and reporting. We feel this makes sense for several reasons:

  • You know exactly what you will be paying for.
  • When meetings are held, they are for the purpose of making progress toward the client's goals.
  • CWA does not have to "sell" anything to provide our services.
  • Open communication, through phone calls, emails, and meetings, is encouraged and helps to improve financial decisions.

CWA may be compensated through the implementation of insurance strategies.

  • This is an independent decision and is not required to retain CWA to do financial planning or investment advisory service.
  • Most families prefer to have CWA implement investment and risk management strategies.
  • CWA planners are experienced in developing and implementing strategies consistent with the client's financial plan.
  • The long-term relationship supported by our planning process ensures that both the client and the CWA advisor are motivated by the client's goals and not a sales quote.